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KeyCrox launched in April 2021 as an online e-commerce store, open to everyone in the UK and outside. The mechanical keyboard community has been steadily growing over the years and yet it's difficult sourcing the quality parts needed for a custom keyboard in the UK. Especially since the pandemic (COVID-19), other online retailers mainly have a hard time shipping the parts to the UK.

At KeyCrox, we aim to provide the keyboard parts needed at low cost and shipping costs. This allows mechanical keyboard enthusiasts to source the parts needed worry free.

Unlike most sites, we don't use Shopify, prebuilt sites, or any other website building packages. Instead we have our own website developer doing all the coding and designing for our sites. This also means we don't use stacked third-party payment processing services like WooCommerce and we also don't use PayPal. All these services charge a significant payment processing fee which would prevent us from providing lower prices on our products due to low profit margins. Instead we use Stripe, a reliable and secure payment processing API that takes a significantly smaller fee per transaction.


Visit our Contact page and send us a message about your queries on our site and business.Visit our FAQ page for already answered questions that you may have about our site and business.Haven't found the answers you need? Need technical help or advice about your orders? Visit our ticket page to contact our support team.

Our site is relatively new and our team is small. We improve the site's content and user experience everyday with the development in progress. However there may be bugs and glitches that you might encounter. Please report them to or on our discord!

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