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keychron-oem-dye-sub-pbt-keycap-set-for-q1-q2-k2_1800x1800oem-dye-sub-pbt-keycap-set-q2-tech_1800x1800keychron-q1-q2-k2-oem-dye-sub-keycap-set-grey-white-blue_40670dd9-d13a-456a-9b7c-675077d0b7f7_1800x1800modular keycaps
Minified version of the keychron-oem-dye-sub-pbt-keycap-set-for-q1-q2-k2_1800x1800
Minified version of the oem-dye-sub-pbt-keycap-set-q2-tech_1800x1800
Minified version of the keychron-q1-q2-k2-oem-dye-sub-keycap-set-grey-white-blue_40670dd9-d13a-456a-9b7c-675077d0b7f7_1800x1800
Minified version of the modular keycaps

ANSI OEM Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set - Grey White Blue

Highly durable PBT keycap set which is fully compatible with MX mechanical switches. This kit does not come with a keyboard. ANSI - Grey White Blue.


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ANSI OEM Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set - Grey White Blue

Made of highly durable PBT plastic and featured dye-sublimated legends, this keycap set can withstand even the toughest users. Fully compatible with MX mechanical switches, it's a great fit for today's boards.

With its ultra-durable dye-sublimated legends on the PBT plastic, these keycaps will never shine or wear out with these legends that can last a lifetime. The Dye-sub PBT construction even provides superior durability and feel.

Modifier keys for Windows and Linux are also available for dedicated typing experience.


Material: PBT
Thickness: 1.6mm
Legend: Dye-sublimated, backlight does not shine through
Stem: MX style
Profile: OEM
Compatible keyboard: Q1, Q2 and K2

Note: Since this keycap set is five-sided dye-sublimated, the color on the keycap sides may be slightly different than the color on the front.

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