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Minified version of the Olivia Connector
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KeyCrox Coiled Cable - Olivia

Enhance your typing experience with our high-quality coiled cable. Durable, flexible, and stylish, it declutters your workspace and elevates your setup.


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KeyCrox Coiled Cable - Olivia

Durability and Flexibility

Introducing our high-quality coiled cable, designed for keyboard enthusiasts. With nylon braided and paracord sleeving, it offers durability and flexibility. The aluminum shell connectors ensure a secure connection. Choose from various connector types, including the GX16 Aviator, to seamlessly integrate into your keyboard setup.

Functional and Aesthetic

Experience the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. Our coiled cable reduces clutter while delivering exceptional performance. Whether you're a professional typist or a passionate gamer, elevate your typing experience with our premium coiled cable. Customize your setup with different colors and patterns. Upgrade your keyboard today and enjoy an immersive typing journey.


Nylon braided
Paracord Sleeving
Aluminium Shell on USB ends
Connector Type: GX16 Aviator, USB to USB-C
Coiled Diameter: 22mm
Coiled Length: 15cm (compressed), extends to 1.5 meters (fully stretched)
Straigth Cable: 1.5 meters
USB 2.0

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