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Gateron Luciola Switches

The Gateron Luciola switch: glows in the dark, 3.6mm travel, pre-lubed by Gateron. A captivating option for keyboard enthusiasts seeking uniqueness.

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Gateron Luciola Switches

Introducing the Gateron Luciola switch, an extraordinary advancement that keyboard enthusiasts will adore. Immerse yourself in its mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark feature, complemented by a generous 3.6mm total travel. The switch arrives pre-lubed with precision using Gateron's cutting-edge automatic equipment, ensuring a smooth typing experience. Elevate your keyboard setup with the Gateron Luciola switch – a true testament to innovation and style.

5 pin pcb switch diagram

5 Pins

graph of a linear profile switch


factory lubed switch

Factory Lubed

switch with mx housing type

MX Housing

Pre Travel2mm
Total Travel3.6mm
top housing description

Light Green, translucent housing made of Ink Material

bottom housing description

Light Green, translucent housing made of Ink Material

stem description

Light stem made of POM (Long Pole) with a linear profile

spring description

60g, 22mm, 1 stage spring color coated with black and has a linear motion

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