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switch and keycap puller
Minified version of the switch and keycap puller

Keycap & Switch Remover (multitool)

This tool helps pick off the keycaps and switches of your mechanical keyboard. This is a multitool that has 2 metal wires on one end and 2 prongs on the other.


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Keycap & Switch Remover (multitool)

Using cheap plastic keycap pullers is a no go. They can scratch/damage the sides of the keycaps as the legs of the pullers scrape down the side. The keycap remover doesn't scrape along the side of the keycaps, and instead secures a firm grip for it to be removed.

It has 2 prongs on the other end to pick switches off as well.

Wires can bend outward to fit onto every key except the spacebar.
Holds up to 3 keys to speed up key removal.

Black handle with 2 looped metal wires at one end and 2 prongs on the other.

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