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Keychron Keyboard Carrying Case

Crafted with canvas and EVA plastic, the Keychron keyboard carrying case is designed to protect your K, K Pro and Q series keyboards in style.


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Keychron Keyboard Carrying Case

Sophisticated home for Keychron keyboard

Marrying the concept of a keyboard case and a carrying case, the keyboard carrying case delivers durability without extra weight. It is both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian.

Long-lasting performance

Stylish and durable, the case prevents damages or scratches caused by accidental bumping, dropping, provides durability and long-lasting performance and gives you a better using experience.

Premium and Unique Design

The soft and premium interior of the keyboard carrying case to ensure your Keychron keyboards is protected. With the unique design, the case allows you to put the cable, keycap puller or other minor things along with the keyboard.

Note: The knob on the Q1, Q2 and Q3 Knob Version keyboards are slightly pressed down when using the carrying case, but rest assured the keyboard still works as normal. Please be aware of this before purchasing the carrying case.

Keychron Q1/Q2 Case

Size: 420 x 199 x 55 mm, Weight: 516g

Keychron Q3 Case

Size: 410 x 190 x 55 mm, Weight: 422g

Keychron Q4 / K12 Case

Size: 360 x 193 x 55 mm, Weight: 434 g

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