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Tealios Switches normalTealios Switches Opena7kilr render tealios 1a7kilr render tealios 2a7kilr render tealios 3
Minified version of the Tealios Switches normal
Minified version of the Tealios Switches Open
Minified version of the a7kilr render tealios 1
Minified version of the a7kilr render tealios 2
Minified version of the a7kilr render tealios 3

Tealios V2 67g Switches

Zeal Tealios V2 67g switches are a linear switch with a 67g spring, featuring a transparent housing and turquoise stem. Sold as packs of 10.

Price: £9.00

Original: £10.00

Out of Stock

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Zeal Tealios V2 67g Switch

5 pin pcb switch diagram

5 pin

linear switch profile graph


lube brush diagram

Factory Lubed

mechanical keyboard switch housing

MX Housing

Introduced in 2018 and still regarded as one of the smoothest linears on the market. They are on the pricey side though. Similar sound and feel as Gateron Inks but with a higher pitch.
Image renders by @a7kilr

Actuation: --g

Bottom-out: 67g

Pre-travel: -mm

Total Travel: 4mm

Brand: ZealPC

Turquoise POM stem, gold plated spring, transparent PC top housing and transparent PC bottom housing. Manufactured by Gateron.

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