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Minified version of the Switch Pad
Minified version of the Switch Pad PCB
Minified version of the Switch Pad PORON
Minified version of the Switch Pad Poron Sheet

PE PORON EVA Foam Switch Pad

Specially designed foam switch pads by KeyCrox. These pads are placed on the pcb to alter the sound profile. Available in 3 different materials: PE, PORON, EVA.



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PE PORON EVA Foam Switch Pad

PE Switch Pad

Made from a special type of antistatic PE foam to prevent damaging your board. This material produces a marbly/thocky sound profile.

PORON Switch Pad

PORON is a sound dampening foam which helps reduce the hollow soundprofile in most keyboards. Great for upgrading budget boards and improving sound quality.

EVA Switch Pad

Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a highly sought-after PCB foam that is also used to provide a thocky/poppy sound signature.


Material: PE / PORON / EVA
PCB Support: Can be used on either hotswap or solder PCBs
Design: Has adhesive on one side that can be stuck on the PCB without damaging it.
Thickness: 0.5mm
Unit: 120pcs / 5 of 4x6 sheets

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